Cara-cara Dr Hamid Arshat meningkatkan sistem imunisasi beliau

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Anda kenal tak dengan Dr Hamid Arshat?? bagi yang tak kenal.. beliau adalah seorang Dr. Sakit Puan di Kuala Lumpur pakar dalam bidang kesihatan wanita, penjagaan kesihatan wanita, kesihatan kesuburan, kehamilan, kelahiran dan tak juga pakar dalam kesihatan keluarga.

Apa yang saya nak kongsikan disini adalah bagaimana beliau menjaga kesihatan beliau dan meningkatkan sistem imunisasi tubuh.

Sumber :

How I boost my immune system

I am taking supplements daily to boost my own body immune system. At this age of 67yrs, and still on full time medical practice, I am constantly exposed to intense physical and mental stress and this inadvertently will drain my energy and weaken my body resistence . I thank Allah SWT for giving me excellent physical and mental health.

As I am not a golfer nor a sportman, I have to devise my own physical exercise which is essential for sustainence of my health. I cannot jog for my knee is already suffering from arthritis, a sequele of right knee injury more than 20 years ago. What I do now is gardening , I spend about 30 minutes in the morning and evening. I attend to my garden around my house, which I planted some local fruits and Herbs. This is a good hobby at the same time I benefitted from the yield of my gardening, ie the fruits, vegetables and the herbs.

The supplements I take on daily basis are as follows :

1. I take Anti oxidants. I have several types but I do not take all of them at same time , instead I rotate them.- NuRev which contain Resvereterol Acai and noni and NuFocus. The anti oxidants are extremely helpful to me. Give me energy , no lethargy or malaise, my mind very alert, and do not feel sleepy. Keep me focussed and full concentration in whatever chore I am doing.

2. Vitamin C 500mg to 1 Gm per day. Sometime I even increased upto 2Gm if and when I am exposed to infectious diseases.

3. Vitamin E 400-800 IU

4. Multivitamins containing mainly B complex and minerals.

5. Calcium lactate 300-600 mg

6. Antiinflammatory tablets for my arthritis

7. Fish oil 1gm which contain Omega 3 and DHA

8. Gingko/Ginseng on ad hoc basis

I take lots of fruits either local products or imported , papaya, water melon ,guava, apple. grapes, dragon fruits, oranges, promegenate, bananas (we have almost non stop supply of bananas as they are grown imy garden) etc and I usually consume fruits before meals. This is the right way. Fruits should not be taken after meals.

My meal is incomplete without vegetables, lots of them. Fortunately local vegetables are always available from my own garden . kangkong , bayam , turi, egg plant etc.

Local herbs or ulam are my favourite and they are always present on my dining table and they are planted in my garden, ulam raja, sambung nyawa, basil, selom, mint, ginseng leave, pegaga, tujuh jarum misai kucing etc.

It is best that we stay away from fast and processed foods and consume fresh and raw foods. Try eat fruits in between meals rather than snacks which are rich in carbohydrate and sugar. Fruits when eaten with empty somach will benefit us maximally and all their goodness, the vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants contained in various fruits will be better digested and absorbed.
so, secara ringkasnya, apa yang dilakukan oleh beliau adalah:
1. ambil suplemen tambahan setiap hari
2.  beriadah/bersenam setiap hari selama 30 min pg dan petang
3. banyakkan makan buah-buahan dan sayur-sayuran serta ulam2an
4. elakkan makan makanan segera dan makanan yang telah diproses.
nampak macam mudahkan...tapi tak ramai yang mampu ikut :)
dan apa pulak suplemen yang beliau ambil dan apa suplemen yang ada di Shaklee??
1. Anti oxidants
(Antioksidan di Shaklee adalah CarotoMax, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-E & Vivix)
2. Vitamin C 500mg to 1 Gm per day.
(Di Shaklee ~ kami ada Sustained Released Vita-C 500mg yang bertindak mengikut pelepasan masa)

3. Vitamin E 400-800 IU
(Shaklee mempunyai vitamin E yang mengandungi keperluan lengkap oleh tubuh iaitu 400iu dan beserta selenium.)

4. Multivitamins containing mainly B complex and minerals.
(Multivitamin Shaklee dikenali dengan nama Vita-Lea. Ia diformulasikan khusus dengan 28 vitamin dan mineral penting yang diperlukan oleh orang dewasa)

5. Calcium lactate 300-600 mg
(Kalsium-Magnesium-Vit D @ Ostematrix Shaklee. Sebiji OsteMatrix membekalkan 250mg Kalsium dan 100IU Vitamin D)

6. Antiinflammatory tablets for my arthritis
( Di Shaklee ada Vivix, alfalfa, vita-C, Ostematrix, vita-lea)

7. Fish oil 1gm which contain Omega 3 and DHA
( Di Shaklee dikenali sebagai OmegaGuard)

Apa yang penting di sini, ambillah suplemen yang berasaskan dari sumber semulajadi..bkn sintetik yaa...

dapatkan konsultasi secara percuma apabila anda membuat pembelian dari saya.

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